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Mobile ID

Your ID...On Your Phone

Your Southeast Tech ID…in your Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or Samsung Wallet.

STC offers a complete mobile campus card experience for our students. All students will be issued a Mobile ID, unless a student has an ineligible phone.

A Mobile ID is a digital student ID card that works the same as a physical card but sits on a smart device and will allow for a more improved student experience. Students get to use their device of choice, making things accessible and convenient. Students will no longer have to carry a traditional, physical copy of their student ID.

Besides being convenient for users, mobile credentials also provide more security. Physical cards can often be left at home or lost but mobile credentials are encrypted, making transactions and access on campus secure.

Using Your Mobile ID On and Around Campus 

Where can I use my Mobile ID?

  • Door Access
  • The Grille
  • Bookstore 
  • Campus Printers

Getting Started 

Minimal set up is required to use your Mobile ID and most users can begin using it on their phone in minutes. An approved photo is required.

View Photo Requirements

Mobile Setup Instructions and 常见问题解答s

Apple Wallet Setup  Google Wallet Setup  Samsung Wallet Setup